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Powder Processing Equipment

  • Series HF Pneumatic Classifier

    Series HF Pneumatic Classifier

    The classifying device is composed of pneumatic classifier, cyclone, collector, induced draft fan, control cabinet and so on. Equipped with second air inlet and vertical impeller rotor, the materials are fed in visa the bottom roller under the force generated from the induced draft fan and then mixed with first input air to disperse particle and then brought to classifying zone. Owing to the high rotary speed of classifying rotor, the particles are under the centrifugal force produced by the classifying rotor Technical Parameter: Remarks: The processing capacity is relative to material and product size.

  • Series HFW Pneumatic Classifier

    Series HFW Pneumatic Classifier

    Application: Widely used for chemical, minerals (especially applicable for non-mineral products classification,such as calcium carbonate,kaolin quartz, talc, mica, etc.), metallurgy, abrasive, ceramics, fire-proof material, medicines, pesticides, food, health supplies, and new materials industries.

  • Dry Quartz-Processing Equipment

    Dry Quartz-Processing Equipment

    This machine is specially designed for quartz-making field for glass industry. It is composed of mill, sieve (for different size product), coarse material-returning system and dust collect system. You can get the different products form different sieve with size 60-120 mesh for glass industry. The size for powder  material coming from dust collector is about 300mesh, which you can use for other business.

  • Process flow of Quartz sand Production Line

    Process flow of Quartz sand Production Line

    Process flow of Quartz sand Production Line

  • Processing Line for Battery Material

    Processing Line for Battery Material

    Application: The processing line is mainly used in the crushing classification of battery positive and negative electrode material. It can also be applied in Mosh’s hardness below 4 material of the chemical, foodstuff, non-mineral industry and so on.

  • Series HSW Horizontal Jet Mill

    Series HSW Horizontal Jet Mill

    HSW series micronizer air jet mill, with cyclone separator, dust collector and draft fan to constitute a grinding system. Compressed air after being dried is injected into grinding chamber quickly by the injection of valves. At connection points of big amount of high-pressure air currents, feed materials are collided, rubbed and sheared repeatedly to powders. The grinded materials go into classifying chamber with uprising air flow, under the condition of lashing forces of draught. Under strong centrifugal forces of high-speed rotating turbo wheels, coarse and fine materials are separated. Fine materials in line with size requirements go into cyclone separator and dust collector through classifying wheels, while coarse materials fall down to grinding chamber to be grinded continuously.

  • Series HS Pneumatic Jet Mill

    Series HS Pneumatic Jet Mill

    Series HS pneumatic mill is a device adopting high-speed airflow to fine dry material.

  • Series HPD Pneumatic Jet Mill

    Series HPD Pneumatic Jet Mill

    The materials are brought into crushing chamber by compressed air through material-feed jet. The compressed air distributes in several air jets uniformly to release transonic air current, which forms strong eddy flow in the mill chamber to force the particle in the material to collide and rub.

  • Series HJ Mechanical Super Fine Pulverizer

    Series HJ Mechanical Super Fine Pulverizer

    The equipment is a new-type of grinder. It has a dynamic disc and static disc. The material is grinded with the impact, friction and cutting forces on the static disc by the high rotary speed of the dynamic disc. Under the negative pressure, the qualified powder enters into classifying zone and is gathered by the collector while the coarse material returns for further grinding. 

  • Ball Mill &Horizontal Classifier Production Line

    Ball Mill &Horizontal Classifier Production Line

    The whole process of the technology ensures that the emission of dust is lower than 40 mg / m3 and 20 mg / m3 after production, by adopting the combination of dust collector, draft fan and pneumatic conveying system, the strict control of every dust concentration point, and the use of high-quality filter material. The equipment can prevent dust leak and make the whole technological process negative and clean.

  • Ball Mill & Vertical Classifier Production Line

    Ball Mill & Vertical Classifier Production Line


    Soft material: calcite, marble, limestone, barite, gypsum, slag etc.

    Hard material: quartz, felspa, carborundum, corundum, fine cement etc.

  • Series HMZ Vibration Mill

    Series HMZ Vibration Mill

    Working principle: The materials are impacted by high frequency vibration in the milling chamber. Strong affecting force is offered through milling matrix (ball, rod, forge, etc), and materials will be grinded under friction, collision, shearing and other forces.

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